A Week in Links – 12/17 – 12/21, 2012

1. New age pundits have inundated our brainwaves for decades with countless nuggets of wisdom for better living. It is difficult to trace the origins of such euphoria for self-help tidbits and methods to achieve happiness, success and good fortune, but one of its precursors may well have been Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking. Now psychologists are beginning to realize that positive thinking may not be that positive after all, causing people to set themselves up for disappointment when things just don’t work out the way they wanted.

>>The Wall Street Journal – The Power of Negative Thinking

2. Leave. That’s the message this Spanish blogger has for his compatriots. If you’re so tired of Spain and the situation there, just leave. No money for airfare? He’ll buy you the ticket. On December 25th, he will announce the “winner” of this unconventional campaign. Contrary to what one might think, people have responded very positively, and there have been more offers for help (an iPad, accommodations, among other gifts) than actual applicants.

>>Vete. Yo te pago el billete.

3. What’s the easiest way to stop others from expressing their beliefs? It as well be talking, over them, non-stop. The art of obstruction has been developed especially in the U.S. Senate, where senators have occupied the floor for up to 24 hours in order to block unwanted bills from passing.

>>BBC Mundo – El arte de la obstrucción o cómo hablar 24 horas sin parar 

4. Newark, NJ major Corey Booker has spent an entire week living off of food stamps, as part of a Food Stamps Challenge he decided to record in order to show what it’s like to depend on this government benefit to eat, i.e., not the walk in the park many people imagine it to be.

>> Linked In – A Movement Towards Food Justice

5. Victoria Soto’s story has already travelled across the nation and probably farther beyond. She is now known as the heroine who gave her life for her students. She had hidden her kids in a closet, and when the Sandy Hooks shooter came looking for them, she told him they were in the gym. Not convinced, he opened fire on the closet, while Victoria threw herself in front of the rain of bullets to block them from reaching her kids.

>>Voxxi – Victoria Soto: The Heroine of Sandy Hook

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