A Week in Links: 12/10-12/15, 2012

1. It may rarely happen that the translation surpasses its original. It may be even rarer still that the original author himself would admit to this. This is the case of Gabriel García Márquez, who probably afflicted by a case of excessive modesty has declared Gregory Rabassa’s English translation of One Hundred Years of Solitude much better than the original.

Diario Kafka – One Hundred Years of Solitude

2. Videogames, shunned by many as the cause of juvenile violence and attention deficit disorders the world over, have undeniably become the new form of artistic expression and storytelling. Most works celebrating and studying this new art form have been relegated to the English language. However, a new publication by Errata Naturae, a Spanish publisher, seeks to celebrate the games that revolutionized the medium.

Público.es – 10 videojuegos revolucionarios

3. And talking about multitasking and the ability to focus (see featured article this week), it would seem the inhabitants of the overpopulated city of Sao Paulo have become victims of a new scourge: helicopters overflying the city at all hours of the day, as millionaires and celebrities seek to avoid the infernal traffic by using helicopters as a mode of transportation.

BBC Mundo – ¿Pesadilla o solución?: el traca-tá de helicópteros en Sao Paulo

4. When tragedy strikes there is never a lack of helping hands. Unfortunately, opportunists also abound. This blog post examines images that have circulated the internet in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, their origin and import on our minds.

Archaeology and Material Culture – “Hurricane Porn”?: The Aesthetics of Authenticity and Nature’s Wrath

5. The recent announcement that Twinkies would disappear from U.S. convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations has caused consternation among a population nostalgic for the days when they could both lambast and praise this quintessential junk food item. This blog post celebrates the now by-gone days of Twinkiedom.

-roach life – Goodbye, Twinkie the Kid

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