The Scale of the Universe on Display

A chicken egg is 5.5 cm large, four centimeters larger than a glass marble, which is 1.5 cm, roughly the size of the microwave wavelength. At the same size scale we find the common earthworm, the matchstick and the penny. Slide into the circle and you will be privy to an increasingly smaller world of microbes, cells, gluons and tachyons. Slide outwards, and you will witness the true size of the Tyronnosaurus Rex (a puny seven meters -about the size of an elephant) and how much larger than you thought the Great Wall of China really is. A redwood tree is larger than a blue whale. The universe and all it contains is available with the touch of a slider. It is still unavailable completely in other languages, but it is definitely a a great visual tool for reference and understanding. Enjoy.

What are you thinking?

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