…And We’re Back

I stare at the blank page thinking hard of something to say. I know this feeling, but writer’s block does not even begin to cover it: it’s more like mental block. I cannot even think about what I’m thinking, let alone spell it out in words. Christmas-trampled, ridden with the anxiety of incoming student loan bills and finding an apartment, figuring out the most convoluted transportation system I have ever seen, while also taking on a new job and my regular translation assignments, writing became such a distant thing it almost felt like I could never do it again.

But as life becomes more stable and things begin falling into place, I suppose it’s about time I start planning somewhat for the next year, for all those half-written articles I did not get to finish, let alone publish, all the half-cooked ideas that were stored away temporarily, for the sake of sanity.

This past year has definitely been one of my favorite so far: it will forever be remembered as the year when I finally realized my long-held dream of becoming a freelance translator. The past twelve years perfectly coincide with the beginning of my dream, since the very first time I said to myself, as a college freshman, “I want to be a translator”. Twelve years of discovery, hard work, transformations and may, many, many moments of doubt. Alas, here I am, finally seeing the product of my work, and I can only feel pride. I take pride in my work, I do it lovingly, and I look forward to many more years of growing as a professional and an artisan of words.

So what’s in store for 2012? More of the same, of course, but different: discovering a new city, calling it home, travels to not so distant places -but travels nonetheless-, and the taking on all those projects that were left “in the inker” as I put everything on hold for my big move to the Bay Area. Pinitos remains part of those projects. Why, it has barely begun.

Here’s to a new year of writing, translating and yes, interpreting. In short: a new year of figuring it out! And to a new decade of life (the big 30’s are just around the corner). Hopefully the world will not end yet.

¡Feliz Año 2012!

One thought on “…And We’re Back

  1. All the best for this new adventure, my dear friend. I’m sure you’ll find the way to enjoy every minute, seize every moment and be happy with every new turn in the road.
    ¡Feliz, feliz 2012!

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