A Week in the Life

This week I had my fingers in too many pies to be able to cook up the inspiration, energy or time for a proper post.  Instead, to avoid guilty feelings for not following through with my goals, I will cheapskate it and give you 10 things I learned/did this week. Who knows?  You may find them useful, too.

  1. As much as I love Google Chrome, it is no good with ftp servers… and several other things (like the FAFSA website).  When all fails, trusty Firefox always comes to the rescue.
  2. Always, always, always confirm to your PM that you have safely received the files. However, you should do that only, and only when, you acquired said file and have made sure you have absolutely no problems opening it.
  3. Starfish wreak havoc on oyster populations. You would not know an oyster has been eaten by a star from looking at it, because the shell appears unharmed.

    It may look innocent, but this is a savage beast.

  4. Web-based translation management systems are great for everyone involved in a translation project… except translators. And woe be you if you have a really slow internet connection.
  5. SDL Trados Studio 2011: new adventures in figuring things out by pressing buttons like a maniac, scouring the internet for rare blog entries that may have been written in the week or so it’s been out, and driving myself mad with Help topics that never, ever help –anything to avoid watching those lobotomyzing videos they embedded into their help folders.
  6. Do not lose your temper over non-functioning technology: whether you understand it or not, it will eventually work.  Just reboot your computer, change browsers, or go to a different room and try it again. Computers work in mysterious ways -but you already knew that.
  7. YouTube is a great research tool, provided you can get yourself to turn it off when it’s time to move on.
  8. They should have intensive Google data mining courses in translation school. What’s the use of all that information if you can’t find it?
  9. The New Spanish Grammar in two hefty and gloriously yellow volumes has answered all my pressing grammar questions so far.
  10. No projects in the horizon? Get your rest while you can. You’ll be burned out soon enough.
Also, after years of forcing myself to leave two spaces after a period (which never felt natural to me anyway) suddenly they are being decried as a sinful abomination. Ok, back to one space it is.
Also, back to work.

What are you thinking?

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