What’s Happening in Pinitos

I am not a big fan of metablogging (blogging about blogging in your blog), so I promise to be brief and to the point.  My main motivation in creating this blog was to have a space to talk about the issues that concern me (and hopefully, you) as a beginning freelance translator and/or interpreter and to be able to interact with other beginning professionals as well as more seasoned ones.  I realize my blog has grown very slowly since its creation last February and that I have been posting quite irregularly.  That was fine by me while I was still finishing grad school, but now that I’m out here in the world at large, I want to increase its visibility so that I can have access to that much desired interaction with other professionals.  Therefore, starting Friday, September 2, I will post at least once every week.  I will also begin publishing content in Spanish, mostly dealing with translation problems I have encountered in my still young career.

I will also expand my Links section, as I have found many, many interesting blogs that way.

You can subscribe to my blog by email or follow me on Facebook.

I would greatly appreciate your support and feedback as I make my way in the blogosphere.  What would you like to see? How do you feel about the layout?  Ask me questions and feel free to contribute in the comments section!

I look forward to a happy rest of 2011 and to contributing somehow to your experience as a freelancer.

Truly Yours,


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